Thursday, September 16, 2010

Easy to use Adobe Camera Raw matte finish to the skin to restore MM

In this changing world, a woman is the beauty of nature never change. If you do not care to shoot pictures of MM color offset, so that MM looks yellow faces vicissitudes of how to do? Today I teach you the recipe for simple techniques to restore the matte finish to the skin MM to win beauty laugh.

Our approach is first to use Adobe Camera Raw (hereinafter referred to as ACR) quickly and efficiently deal with the situation color cast photos, and then Photoshop (hereinafter referred to as PS) to adjust the CMYK color of skin, skin color accurately restore the character. We all know, ACR is a professional digital film processing RAW format plug-ins, integrated in the PS in a highly efficient tool of choice for dealing with one photo. But many people do not know, it can also handle JPG format photos, and to use the software as simple as a fool.

ACR to JPG with high color

1. Set to open with ACR JPG

As long as the PS in the simple setup, you can use ACR to open our common JPG format photos. First open the PS, then select "Edit 鈫?Preferences 鈫?Camera Raw" menu, open the Settings dialog box (Figure 1). In the "JEPG and TIFF processing" will JEPG item is set to "automatically open all supported JEPG". In this way, we completed the deal with the ACR JPG document preparation.

2. To restore the photo colors with ACR

Now let's open the need to adjust in ACR photo, photos, some color cast seems meant to be a white scarf into a blue, this is the camera's white balance settings when shooting typical problems caused by improper. ACR's white balance using the tools, we can quickly photo of white balance correction.

Found in the original photo should be white object (such as cases in the figure scarf), and click on it using the white balance tool, the photo has been true to the white balance immediately (Figure 2).

After the white balance correction, photos, details still lack high-light, photo gray side, lack of color, we then solve.

To "restore" drag the slider to the right, you can see in the picture highlight the details of gradual recovery. Then, drag the "black" slider to the right move, increasing the weight of shadow image, enhance picture contrast, making photo richer level. Finally, we use the "details of the saturation of" Strengthening the photo colors bright up to MM (Figure 3).

See photo, MM become more beautiful, right? Next, we will use the "precision weapons" to restore MM precision matte finish to the skin.

MM with a matte finish to the skin Phtoshop

We used to adjust the MM color, are to judge by the naked eye, the method by personal aesthetic level, color recognition, and display color reproduction ability, can not accurately restore the normal color. In fact, the skin color is a pattern, experts say, a normal skin color with a CMYK color to define, the ratio is: C (cyan) = 1/3M (magenta), Y (yellow) than M (magenta), K (black) very small, almost zero. Of course, this ratio is not absolute, but we can adjust according to narrow the scope of this ratio, accurate color adjustments.

We first use the tool bar of the "color sampling tool" in the MM face fine tone more neutral locale sampling points, the number of sampling points can be set to one, but can be set more. After setup is complete, the sampling point with the mouse right-click, and pop-up menu, select "Display as CMYK color," we can see in the information panel location of sampling points in the proportion of CMYK values (Figure 4).

Next, we copy the background layer, then create a curve adjustment layer, through the curves in red, green, blue three-channel color adjustment to adjust the completion of MM. Shown in Figure 5, curves adjustment layer at the operation panel, click the top left corner of the hand tool into a suction sampling points after the click, you can define the curve on the location of sampling points.

Analysis of the sample color photo percentage of MM sampling points, C = 15%, M = 29%, Y = 18%, K = 0, according to the aforementioned specialists experience, we need to reduce C, raising Y. Here, we use the curves adjustment layer to adjust.

Back to the curves adjustment layer dialog box, in the channel curve defined by the above method of sampling point location. First of all, lower C values, because the complement of blue to red color, so we raise the red to reduce the C content. Will define the control point moves to increase the red content. Adjusted, C = 11%, M = 30%, the ratio was close to 1:3 (Figure 6).

Next, we need to increase the content of Y, because the yellow and blue colors complement each other, so that we can reduce the blue, to increase the Y content. Adjust the control points on the blue curve moves down and reduce the blue. Adjusted, Y = 32%, slightly higher than 30% of M (Figure 7).

After the above adjustments, the color at this time MM has been a real reduction, and we have some polished and simple dermabrasion treatment, has been the perfect end result.


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