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JSN-1 (A) Digital Switching Introduction

I. Introduction
JSN-1 (A) switch is Jade Bird Huaguang Technology Co., Ltd. to respond to the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications China Telecom network development on the strategic plan, in accordance with ITU-T series of recommendations and the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications of the technical specifications for the characteristics of China's telecommunications network construction, the introduction of foreign nineties advanced technology, combined with development of China's specific national conditions, development, production, and a technology advanced, full-featured, reliable and accurate digital PBX billing. It is widely used large-scale, very large scale integrated circuits, computer networks, optical communication and object-oriented software design of the latest communications technology and advanced automated production lines, in strict accordance with international quality standard ISO9000 series of management. In the 93 years of performance testing of similar products in the country were the highest first, the annual production capacity of 100 million lines. By the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications as the first batch of optimization models, especially for the public network of Posts and Telecommunications Bureau of Agriculture would end, tandem Council and the City, then branch offices, as well as water, electricity, public security, military and other specialized communication networks to use.

Second, the system features
1, complete system functionality
System supports a variety of services, and is stored in the program by the microprocessor control.
At any time, as long as the modified software or insert a new package can increase the system functionality.

2, flexible configuration structure
All building blocks structure, module combination.
Easy to expand capacity, from 200 to 11 392 lines are free expansion.
Standard slot machine box, and software interfaces, various types of interface, plug and play.

3, abundant interface types
PCM digital relay, each plate 60 Road (2 脳 2.048Mbps).
Four-line carrier relay EMT, 8 per plate.
E / M relay (2 wire / 4 wire), 4-way per board.
Multi-function interface, a magnet, E / M and loop relay functions, each plate 8.
User interface, each plate 8, pulse / multi-frequency phone is compatible.
Polarity reversal user interface, each plate 8, can be accessed by magnetic cards, coin and Mandarin machine.
Slot design compatible with a variety of ports.

4, a powerful networking capability
With a variety of program-controlled electromechanical switches and networking with DID, DOD functions. Can be set up in various forms, various levels of private communication networks.
Support a variety of national standard signaling, but also with some non-standard way signal to adapt.
3 automatic routing, the maximum number of route 300, the system of routing the largest up to 5 digits. Equipment with the first direct route selection, followed by the election circuitous route, eventually routing the last election.
With various tandem, connecting function, in tandem process, with the signals can be transmitted end to end way forward or paragraph by paragraph.
Automatic re-election, even under direct user switch (PABX).

5, flexible and reversible manner
Full range of release control, calling control, called control, and do not control mode could be set.
Council calls the user control mode with each other.
Of the trouble calls can be called man-machine commands into control mode.
The user's long-distance automatic control to the caller if the call were reversible manner.
Semi-automatic to domestic or international long distance, then continue, the operator response before the main call control, called control after response.
Special service call by the called control method (112,110,119,17 X, 10X) and the recovery mode does not control each other.

6 business functions
Provide domestic, international and local networks of various automatic telephone call.
International and domestic long-distance semi-automatic calls, manual call.
Provide various special services.
Declaration to provide query and business.
Can provide users with a variety of voice mail features.
6 users have the right.
Wealth of new business functions.
Support non-voice services.

7, performance improved maintenance capabilities
Menu-driven, window technology, character graphics.
Data generation is simple and reliable.
Automatic diagnosis, online test.
Remote maintenance can be equipped with special cards and software to achieve the central office to the remote branch offices, remote centralized maintenance.
Practical signaling trace display.
Follow a detailed process analysis.
Automatic traffic statistics.
Perfect sound and light warning system.

8, flexible billing management system
City, then, farmers, long-distance real-time billing.
Demand rates and project settings.
Rates can be analyzed to determine number 11.
Online, offline charging optional.
Automatic billing, billing flexibility, can live freely set to double billing or detailed billing meter times.
Sub-billing, Internet, set up to adapt to the latest demand of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications.
Various sorting, statistics, reports, fully functional.
Chinese screen prompts, easy to operate.
Window (windows platform) technology, menu help.

9, non-blocking switching network
Switching network using digital technology, the number of hours to form a non-blocking switching network, allowing all users to call.

10, high-quality transmission performance
With pulse code modulation (PCM) and time division multiplexing (TDM) switching network of advanced digital technology, can achieve low noise and stable high-speed data transmission.

11, multi-functional intelligent attendant console
More than 386 by the general increase with the attendant console PC card and software, which can immediately display the current status and call information.
Each rack can be accessed by five attendant console, the whole system to connect up to 20 attendant console.
Attendant console to make use of digital transmission systems to minimize the wire device. 5 pairs of wire connection using a cable, attendant console can be connected to more than 1,000 meters from the system to work in places.
Displays to provide extension and trunk status.
A system of regional management and diagnosis of special features.

12, High Reliability
All decentralized modular structure.
Power, main control system, switching network, the clock and other critical components hot backup.
Comprehensive diagnostic, testing, fault isolation and automatic re-function.
Advanced over-current, over voltage protection circuit ports to avoid the lightning, strong electrical damage.
Advanced production technology and strict quality control.
High availability, redundancy, fault tolerance.

13, good inheritance, and scalability
With 2B + D, 30B + D function.
Support the ISDN protocol.
Support for China on the 7th of road signaling.
Can continue to expand new business capabilities.
Full support broadband integrated services and future development of telecommunication networks.
Expansion can be smooth or BSP80 for the JSN-1A super node broadband network platform for a user access module.

14, a wide range of applications
JSN-1 (A) digital program-controlled switches are widely used in agriculture, then the public telecommunication network end office, tandem Bureau and the City, then branch offices.
Applied to form the public security, electricity, water, coal, oil, railways, military and other specialized communications network.
Also be used as various departments, factories, schools, hotels, the user switches.

Annex: JSN-1 (A) Application of the Model Figure

3, JSN-1 (A) system structure

1 Overview
JSN-1 (A) Digital Switching from the five basic functional units: the main unit, patch panels, attendant console, power supply units, peripheral equipment (data communication, billing devices and phones and terminals).

Basic system block diagram is as follows:

2, system
JSN-1 (A) formed by a number of chassis, consisting of system calls and relay the user interface, as a whole, each frame is called a switching unit (EU). The exchange unit and the connection between the host aircraft is achieved by the ribbon cable used to transmit various control information.

4, JSN-1 (A) system technical characteristics

1, the new business functions
Dialing, hotline services, breath restriction, to avoid disturbing services, to find trouble calls, alarm clock service, no answer transfer, call transfer, call back busy, call waiting, three-way calling, conference calls, the user self ringing more than 30 kinds of new business.

2, sound alarm device
JSN-1 (A) Digital Switching System with remote fault alarm device, the device has a buzzer and indicator lights, remote alarm is divided into three situations: power failure alarm, warning of hardware failure, software failure alarm. Into serious trouble alarm warning level and the general failure alarm two.


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