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Procurement of essential personnel of the five quality

Each year, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Alberta City Academy to be received tens of thousands of purchasing managers from around the world who come from different countries, with retail, manufacturing, purchasing different industry experience and work experience. Although the schools have started to provide online distance education courses, many people traveled across the country come here to fight for the free exchange of teachers and the opportunity.

What makes these arguments million on "gold" hand down the purchasing managers gathered here in large orders? They want what?

Purchasing Management Association of Canada procurement and supply chain management courses in cutting-edge teaching college, the Albert College to provide Canadian students registered for the procurement of teaching and teacher education information. Institute of Purchasing Management Certificate offered by CIP (Certificate in Purchasing) certification program, the curriculum does not seem so special - the procurement principles, inventory control and materials management, and transport and logistics management, and then two topics discussed by theoretical and practical combination of operating and economic environment.

At first glance, this training and other professional education is not much difference, but the Canadian Institute of Purchasing Management Association of Alberta Chief Executive Officer Ms. Cora S. Crisostomo but did not think so. In her view, that the College for participants of all courses are offered to create a successful purchasing manager's five professional quality, so they have a kind of concept-based global supply chain and international perspective, to enhance their procurement level and status in the industry and, ultimately, national economic development.

China's "talent market report" in late 2004 announced the results of their evaluation, the logistics industry to become in 2005 the most "money" King of the industry, including procurement personnel will be the most "money" way of the people, the domestic market procurement staff salary will be between 10-25 million yuan. Ms. Cora brought the five essential qualities the successful purchaser, may give China the growth and development of procurement personnel to bring some enlightenment.

Moral Literacy

Workplace forums have a post, written by the boss, in recruiting workers resorted to various "litmus test", which aims to test the professional skills of employees outside of ethics, which is ranked number one procurement.

According to the exchange of User Content, corruption in procurement and sales most part, almost all the large enterprise to do marketing and procurement people got used to the behavior of taking kickbacks. The business community staged from time to time due to personal career development manager Joe to leave the service segment, like a revolving door for the purchasing department, the U.S. Congress enacted the "FCPA" also can not guarantee that U.S. companies immune to the Chinese business sector. For this reason, some companies even lists some of the land rules, such as the pay of their business income as a percent of the number of professional ethics deposit withheld, no violations end uniform. Thus, ethics has become the main criteria for staff appraisal business.

Ms. Cora that all managers in the procurement of essential qualities, high moral quality was ranked first. She purchasing managers around the world exchange found that some in the industry do most of the top purchasing managers have high moral qualities and strict working attitude. These include: maintaining the loyalty of the enterprise; without personal bias, taking into account all the factors, based on the best value from suppliers procurement; adhere to the integrity and behavior as the basis for the work; to avoid all possible harm to commercial transactions supply business, and other objects they have business dealings; refused to accept the supply of business gifts; ongoing efforts to improve in the way their methods, materials, and Ying Xiang procurement Zuoyeliucheng Shang of Zhi Shi; in trading Zhong He Jianchilianghao by the Shang Ye criteria.

With the purchase of corporate strategy in becoming more and more high quality professional ethics of the purchasing manager is successful the first necessary quality.

Global view of the supply chain and international perspective

There is an allegory to hell and heaven metaphor to understand the importance of collaboration.

Some people talk about heaven and hell and God's question, God decided to take him were to look at these two places. First they go to hell. This is a room, the room a group of people around a pot of broth, everyone looks malnutrition, hunger and desperate. Each of them has a pot can be enough to spoon, but the spoon handle a full two meters long, his mouth can not send to the soup. They look so miserable. God then let the people go to heaven, the same room, the same pot of soup, the same long-handled spoons, but also a group of people, but they look refreshed, we are happy singing.

"Why?" This man did not understand. God smiled and answered: "is actually very simple, heaven will spoon feed their own people, but who the hell would not do."

Team spirit of mutual cooperation is an important indicator of the measure, also winning in the era of supply chain enterprises based on the market the only way to fight for dominance. Practice shows that the implementation of procurement staff to maximize procurement cost savings, not only to take into account the price factor, but also understand the supply chain, operations, specifically purchasing in all aspects of the different characteristics and implications.

With economic development and international trade more frequently, procurement of Chinese enterprises are rapidly developing to present the most obvious trend is the globalization and localization procurement procurement. At the same time, business requirements of procurement practitioners have begun to improve. Retail business of purchasing managers is urgently needed, for example, because a large number of retail enterprises into stock to avoid product precipitation, reducing inventory tie up capital, which requires the familiar retail procurement process to ensure the orderly operation of the procurement system. In addition, the purchasing manager has overall responsibility for corporate purchasing departments in addition to the daily management and operations, the management of procurement of goods expanded from external resources and suppliers to the scope of management, to tackle the supply chain, procurement to be a reasonable implementation.

Built on the basis of such working conditions, procurement staff on supply chain communication and coordination has been most important. Analysis of various recruitment notice that we can find the necessary business talent to be referred to the general requirements of communication and coordination, which is increasingly set by China's large enterprises supply chain management concept has much success.

How far are already of the procurement, cross-country, regional procurement, the procurement staff have good English communication skills, always concerned about supply chain events, such as raw material price fluctuations, climatic fluctuations, and the impact on sensitive to factors that can make timely early warning and preventive measures. And also to understand the international latest technology and products. From the talent market trend analysis, we can see that the current lack most is a global vision of management talent, the world's top 500 enterprises invested in China, most of these requirements are listed.

Can be seen, based on the global supply chain management, procurement, and international perspective view of procurement professionals is an essential quality of the second and third.

The total cost of procurement principles and techniques

Purchasing a well-known experts, a good procurement cost of items is not only emphasized, if it took 50 cents to buy a pen with a bad two days, it is better to buy 5 dollars for a good few months but can be used for document, procurement personnel to learn the most important concern is the total cost of purchasing behavior, not a commodity price.

Seemingly simple truth is not easy to implement. To get really affordable also for the goods, in addition to required levels, the negotiation of purchasing managers, for their vision and understanding of the product cost structure, and procurement strategies are put forward are not low demand. Now, whether Panasonic, General Motors and other established firms, or Dell, HP and other new businesses have created a strong procurement department and improving the precision of the procurement system, the purpose is to cause the purchasing department is also playing a profit center.

Several well-known enterprises from the case, we can see that the procurement officer's efforts to reduce costs and use of skills.

Ford's purchasing managers to develop new suppliers as their annual routine. Tenders are required to have new faces every time the emergence of major commodities, material suppliers at least three, and further development should be at least a year. Do is to create a competitive situation between suppliers to ensure supply quality and reduce costs.

Dealing with Wal-Mart suppliers are more likely to live Erma love and hate. Love is the merchandise into the live Erma some good sales, and hate is living Erma's procurement staff through advanced information systems on the cost of well known suppliers, and their profit margins are at a lower pressure level. Therefore, the understanding of supplier cost structures can ask them to profit, which is the main weapon of the negotiations.

Global Microwave champion Galanz company attaches great importance to a win-win relationships with suppliers, its suppliers, procurement officers and suppliers to the most reluctant to "engage in relations" known. Moreover, the materials sector personnel with suppliers to lower component costs of the method towards higher quality and more cost goal. A win-win relationships with suppliers help to improve corporate profits.

Hutchison Whampoa built database of procurement costs, including numerous manufacturers of similar products in the market price, cost structure, etc., by the auditing experts maintenance. All purchases are conducted through tenders, Hutchison Whampoa provides: All purchases must be carried out by tender. Procurement of more than 3,000 must have three or more bids, more than 5,000 yuan must have five or more purchases, bidding parity after the buyer can initially pricing audit by experts from the audit. Tender price ratio make cost control rules to follow. Moreover, purchasing managers are now more popular, another technique is to require bidders listed in the tender single cost, not just a lump sum, in order to facilitate the water to see them.

So, get skills through a variety of procurement costs and the total cost of procurement of priority principles of a successful manager must possess the quality of the fourth and fifth.

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